POONAM DHANDHANIA, born in Hisar (Haryana), has been connected to Art all her life. She is a Textile Designer and B.Comm graduate from Mumbai. She has studied with artists like - Bose Krishnamachary (portraits), Naina Kanodia (landscapes), Milind Mullick and Vilas Kulkarni (watercolours).

Poonam has authored “not just The Small Book of Meditation” published in 2014, in India and USA. She is a practicing Clinical Therapist and Meditation Facilitator and combines various therapies to help people, often advocating art as a therapy as well. 

Her own creativity expanded and crossed the boundaries her own mind had set, going beyond the “cannot” and self judgement. Now, she is able to create and explore her imagination and paints to nurture herself. Her inspiration for painting has been love, life and liberation. The mediums she loves are Charcoal, Acrylics, Gouache and Mixed Media. She experiments with her work fearlessly and her work has a Zen like offering with bold vibrant colours and self expression. She resides in Pune and can be contacted on pdhandania@gmail.com and you can see more of her work on https://www.facebook.com/artgal111/ 

Showcasing her work, on the website for online sales from 2017