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Children need attention!

We visit the doctor when we are hurt, wounded or have an illness or we need some urgent attention regards the physical body. But these wounds are not the only ones that inflict us. There are other wounds which we hide sometimes. Which no one can see but need attention all the same. If you or yo..... Read More

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Reasons to join a Meditation Group!!

Below are some interesting reasons you must join a meditation group!!  1. Peer pressure. We often sit down to meditate and get distracted by the hundreds of things we have to do. But when we are in a group, you know that everyone is here for a common good! So the extra effort becomes effortles..... Read More

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Who is the healer?

Yes, I assist in healing work. Am I a healer? No. Healing isn't limited to physical healing, it extends to your emotions, your soul and spirit. If I work with you, thru any of the methods I use, have I helped in the process of your healing? Probably yes. But the healing is done by you, yourself...... Read More

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People frequently have a lot of questions about the right way to meditate. The right way to meditate is to meditate with comfort. If you are in any way uncomfortable, there is no way you can go inside as the attention will be continuously drawn to the outside. Be sure you follow these simple tips an..... Read More

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Sound Magic

On Monday, a meditation student of mine who has chronic knee pain since 3 years, came for sound healing. After the first session, he reported 50% improvement by evening though he was limping and had developed some ankle pain. Next morning I treated his knees and then foot reflex zones to help his..... Read More