We are gifted with 24 hours in a day. Our mind and body is constantly working and sometimes ( most times) it works overtime. Over thinking leads hormonal imbalances which in turn could lead to stress, heart disease, skin problems, insomnia, blood pressure, anxiety, depression and many more ailments. Meditation covers various ways of finding inner peace. Mantras, Zen, Tao Te Ching, Affirmations, Journaling, Tratak, Guided, Bineaural Beats, Ho'oponopono and discussions on anger management, stress release, parent child relationship guidance, healing, pain management and so on. 

Come join us for group meditations on Saturday and Sunday mornings! Do email or write in to inquire further. You may also refer to the testimonials of my current attendees. 

If you are unable to be present physically, you can avail individual sessions over Skype. 

Write in today for further information!