Ancient teachings and modern science agree that all living things, all things in existence are made up at their most essential level of vibrating, pulsing energy. The ancients also say that the audible sound which most resembles this un-struck sound is the syllable OM. Tradition has it that this ancient mantra is composed of four elements: the first three are vocal sounds: A, U, and M. The fourth sound, unheard, is the silence which begins and ends the audible sound, the silence which surrounds it. Sound healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health. The human body is made up of 70% water; this makes it a very good conductor of sound. Every organ, every bone, every cell in the body has its own resonant frequency. Together they make up a composite frequency like the instruments of an orchestra. When one organ in the body is out of tune it will affect the whole body. Through the principle of resonance it is possible to use sound to bring the body back into harmony hence avoiding the need for drugs or surgery.

Sound Healing can be transmitted to a person in a number of ways:-

1) Through using their own voice

2) Through using their voice with other voices

3) Through using their own voice while listening to music

4) Through listening to another person's voice or a number of voices

5) Through listening to an instrument or instruments

6) Through listening to music or sound through a loudspeaker or through headphones

Resonating with the eternal sound of the planet & adding joy and melody into peoples lives worldwide, Tibetan Singing Bowls are excellent meditative, Therapeutic & transformational healing tool guiding seekers on their path to spiritual enlightenment, play a positive role & highly effective in the treatment of virtually any medical disorder. Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls is a scientific & proven modality and has been accepted with tremendous approval in Europe, Orient and United States in last 2-3 decades is becoming the forerunner of sound therapy, worldwide.

The most basic element of the human being is the cell. The simplest way of communicating with the cells are through vibration. External vibrations cause a sympathetic resonance in the cells. When tapping a singing bowl placed on the body which consists of more than 70% of water, the sound transmitted cause the cell to resonate. The sound waves spread, as the concentric waves from a stone dropped in a pond, into larger and larger circles through blood, flesh, organs and even bones, relaxing them and at the same time, harmonizing and energizing them. In this way the more than 100 trillion cells that are the building blocks of the human body are receiving a gentle cell massage. In this way, sound can also release energy blockages through- out the mind, body, and spirit.

When inner harmony is disturbed we lose our equilibrium. Every day stress makes us prone to illness and impairs our quality of life. Through sound massage such tensions and blockages in mind, body, and soul can be gently loosened.

Tibetan Bowl Sound Therapy stimulates the brain to make changes that increase our abilities in the following ways:

• Detoxification down to the cellular and "bone deep" level

• Better sleep

• Increased learning ability

• Management or resolution of learning issues, ADD, ADHD, AUTISM

• Deepening meditative states

• Release of stress and activates self healing

• Balances Chakras

• Healing past emotional traumas and healing limiting behaviour patterns

• Relief from headache, fatigue, insomnia, menstrual difficulties

• digestive disorders, emotional imbalances, joint or muscle aches

Sound massage is not just for ill people. Healthy people also derive great benefits from it, they become calmer and report higher levels of energy, as well as better sleep. Sound massage can effectively dissolve physical, mental, and emotional blockages and overcome daily stress, fear, and depression. With regular treatments most people experience an increase in zest for life and an increase in creativity.