THE CHILD HAS GIVEN A TESTIMONIAL FOR MY BOOK Not Just The Small Book Of Meditation is an educational book with many insightful techniques to help with many feelings, such as sadness, forgiveness and anger. It also helps to develop the understanding of the mind, but the main focus were the meditational excercises. I very much enjoyed this book. I found it highly informative, and am beginning to use many of the easier techniques taught. I would never have thought meditation would be something I would use, but not Just The Small Book Of Meditation certainly changed that! Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and meditation is an incredible thing, as this book helped me realise. This book is brilliant for any aged reader.

-- BYGFLOWER, UK (Student, 10 YEARS)


I did a sound healing session with Poonam Dhandhania for tennis elbow and frozen first I was a little skeptical about this treatment but when Poonam explained it I agreed..and I am so happy that I did helped me so much..I am now able to carry heavy bags with no issues..and the biggest relief for me is that I can now go about my baking pain free..thank you Poonam!!



I have found direction through Poonam's wonderful healing. I am on a spiritual journey as we all are, and i find a lot of my answers with her guidance and assistance. I am very grateful to have found an anchor in her!



The meditation class taken by Poonam Dhandania has helped me to become more aware of myself and how I feel and react. It has helped me to grow into a more stable and peaceful soul. Along with meditation she does different types of healing and makes it all the more effective. We also have discussions on many topic like oneness; how to forgive and let go and to live life to the fullest no matter what. She takes great care of each one of us her her own unique way. I am indeed grateful to God for my sweet loving frank truthful Poonam!

-- ZENIA MODY,PUNE (Math Teacher)


Hi friends, When I started with Poonam I was not sure whether these sessions can help me or not? But after one session I found out that whatever I am learning or experiencing is in the presence of my late Guru. That happiness I can't describe. One should take that experience which is called 'living in the moment'. Poonam does different experiments but Tibetan bowl sound therapy and pebble meditation are my favorites. Poonam makes you understand the logic as well as allow you to experience the moment without interference. This my fourth month with her. I am enjoying it. Love, Madhura.

-- MADURA LADKAT, PUNE (Hindi Teacher)


I have been benefiting from the group meditations that Poonam takes for over 6 months now. Her hypnotherapy sessions that I took were great for calming my otherwise stressed out nerves.



Hello. My name is Bella Desai and I have known Poonam since 6months. After coming in association with her, I feel, I have become more strong, powerful and confident. Through her skills in meditation and counselling, she has helped not just me but others in the group. She has also helped my son find clarity in thoughts. I find her attitude very positive and non judgmental thus allowing me to open up without any hesitation. Just by talking with her has eased my burden and helped me see life with a new vision. Poonan has given me her attention, time and knowledge which I will treasure all my life. She has so much to offer to the world and I thank god for allowing her to come in my life. I value her work and ethics and her openness to to life itself.

-- BELLA DESAI, PUNE (Home Maker)